For warp access to the End complete these challenges. Once completed, Place a sign above the chest labeled clearly “CHALLENGES”. Stand in front of the chest and type “/report Challenges Complete” to have the work inspected. The items and the chest will be taken when permission is granted.
These challenges will change over time, so keep an eye on this page for updates!

    Complete the following:

  1. /sethome and build a real house.
  2. Establish a shop near three of the township areas.
  3. Build a TelePad
  4. Build a wheat farm
  5. Build a sugar cane farm
  6. Build a pumpkin or melon farm
  7. Build a mushroom farm
  8. Build a garden and grow carrots and potatoes in it
  9. Build a Nether portal
    Collect the following into a single chest:

  • 64 of each sapling
  • 64 of each fishtype
  • 8 creeper heads
  • 8 zombie heads
  • 8 skeleton Skulls
  • 4 enderman heads
  • 2 cow heads
  • 2 pig heads
  • 2 witch heads
  • 2 Slime heads
    Complete three of the following:

  • Build a mob grinder
  • Build a slimefarm
  • Build a squid Farm
  • Build a witch Farm
  • Build a blaze Farm
  • Build a guardian Farm

All things must be within your protected regions. In the case of a coop, all members must be listed on a sign near the chest and they will also be granted access.