Xtra Hard Survival

This isn’t your normal survival… This is Xtra Hard Survival! Start by becoming familiar with spawn. Then collect your /kit and type /wild to teleport into the great wilderness. Make sure you /sethome and place your chest to secure your home area. To further understand our region protection plugin, click on the link that appears when you hold the golden shovel. Good Luck!

Use your /VoteCredits here to purchase additional supplies from the /VoteShop

Difficulty: You will rage quit… a lot.

Some Things to Know
– Expandable protection claims
– Modified physics (more gravity)
– Stronger and more aggressive Monsters with new powers
– Tools work differently
– Crops will fail
– No Seed
– Raiding of unprotected regions and PvP is permitted
– Co-op and team playing is permitted, and even recommended.