SkyLands is a Survival*-based server, however unlike Survival, all of the land floats in the sky and there is no bedrock below. Our SkyLands is an infinitely large world with every biome present. Players begin in the spawn world, in a kind of space craft floating above a city. Here you’ll find a few shops to help get you started. To access the city below, stand on one of the “Levitators” in the corners of the spawn chamber and hit the button on the wall. You’ll enjoy a slow decent to the city. In the spawn city you’ll discover additional shops, curiosities and information. When you’re ready to play, collect your kit and purchase some of the things you’ll need. Remember you can always come back by typing /spawn. When you’ve collected what you need type /wild. You’ll be teleported to the overworld where you can begin exploring and building for yourself. Remember to /sethome and place your chest to secure your first area. To learn more about these protections, click on the link that appears when you hold the golden shovel.

Players complete a variety of objectives that gradually increase in complexity and difficulty. Over time, players may earn the ability to fly, adjust their speed, set additional warps, craft new recipes for tools and items, and even gain access to one or both of the end worlds.

Use your /VoteCredits here to purchase additional supplies from the /VoteShop

Difficulty: hard

The player-built Spawn City

Another view of the player-built Spawn City

Examples of the world

A large island of plains biome

SkyLands has every biome present

SkyLand Islands and biomes can be expansive or small

Players make land claims to protect their builds and regions.

*Only our admins have the ability to build in Creative game-mode.