Enjoy a challenge? Give SkyBlock a try. At this community-based griefless world, you start at one of the most useful islands on the whole server: Spawn. Here you’ll discover various features of the server and how to begin your island. SkyBlock isn’t easy, but for those beginner players we do offer some options to ease the challenge a bit. All players receive periodical kits of some necessities. All members get a little extra in their kit and each rank above that also includes a pet.

We offer 3 4 types of islands you may choose to start with: Hardcore, Traditional, Tropical, Beginner. Each has their own resources and the beginner option includes a garden, house and cobble generator already to be used. Don’t worry about that lava burning your wooden floors, because fire doesn’t spread here. You can access the nether but to get to the end, you must complete the challenges! (to be announced)