SkyBlock is a mild-difficulty Survival*-based server where players begin by choosing one of 3 starting islands to call home. They expand their islands and over time may also add additional island spaces to expand onto. Players start off small and expand into industrial builds to help them construct the builds they really desire. Players complete a variety of objectives that gradually increase in complexity and difficulty. Over time, players may earn the ability to fly, adjust their speed, set additional warps, craft new recipes for tools and items, and even gain access to one or both of the end worlds.

To begin, become familiar with spawn. You may always return here by typing /spawn. Then to begin playing, type /is and select from the three island choices in the menu. This command will also help you once you have your island. After you have been sent to your new island, you will find a chest with a variety of necessities inside. You may return to your island by typing /home.

Use your /VoteCredits here to purchase additional supplies from the /VoteShop

Difficulty: normal

Our three starting island options

Choose one of these three starting islands!

Our player’s islands

Player: ptland

Player: JustDandyRhia

Player: gwbasic
warp: /warp islands

*Only our admins have the ability to build in Creative game-mode.