VoigtlandMC is Open


Hello Miners!
The VoigtlandMC servers are currently running at PLAY.VOIGTLANDMC.NET
Come join our community on SkyBlock, SkyGrid and Creative. We are just setting things up and are working tirelessly to add new games as well.  All current servers are griefless so long as you build in a protected region. For those new to minecraft servers, that basically means no one can break your builds,
kill your animals or steal your stuff unless you leave it unsecured.

Current Features:
You can now donate to the server to help us continue!
Also available are Kits, Ranks, and other extra goodies (like fly, pets, protections, etc…)
New site! Still in the works, obviously.

To Do:
Vote sites
Upcoming servers: Survival, SkyLands, Factions, PVP, Mini Games, RPG Adventure
Website: Forums

Register and follow this page for server updates!

Tell your friends about us!
– Voigt