Post Migration Fixes and Changlog

Hey Minecrafters!

AluvianKnight here with a quick update on the server.  The last few days I have been trying to track down a few bugs that remained after the migration.  Voigtman and I met up today and finally resolved most known issues. Please let us know on the forums if you run into any bugs during your adventures on

Fixed: PvP server name changed back to KitPvP
Fixed: Global issue with /pvp command (could not turn pvp on/off)
Fixed: Issues with voting
Fixed: Issues with ticket web interface not connecting
Fixed: Several other minor issues related to server access and plugin commands

In progress: Player ban lookup UI on website being cranky, working on tracking down the issue

Lastly, a shout out goes to Voigtman for his help testing bugs and making these fixes possible. He knows the plugins better then any guy with a life rightfully should, and made changing the server name easy as cow pie.

Have fun and play on!