Membership on VoigtlanMC is free to all.

To obtain Member status, you must go to the the Donation page (here) or better, type /donate while in game and “buy” the Free Membership (shown to the right). It should take only a few moments for the request to take affect in game. Members get kits on some servers and permissions on others, however you can enhance your experience more by adding rank later. You must be a member before you add any ranks.

All donations are made directly to VoigtlandMC to maintain the servers. Any gifts, kits, or permissions granted in return are meant to enhance game play only. All items available through the web store are also obtainable in game. VoigtlandMC and it’s operators are in no way affiliated with the Official Minecraft game or Mojang.
Donations are not refundable or transferable. Charge backs will result in player being perminantly banned from these servers. By making a donation you agree you are of the appropriate age to do so dictated by your country’s laws.