Hosting Update

Hello Everyone,
Things have been moving along with the transfer of the server to our new hosting. Over the past few days we’ve been preparing for the transfer, and tonight things moved along a little quicker than we expected. What does this mean? Well, It’s happening now! We will likely be down for several hours tonight while the move occurs. Keep your eye on the site for an update.

Please see Aluvian’s post about hosting for what you may expect after we make the move. After the move happens, I will be going on hiatus for most of the month of June and Aluvian will be in charge. He checks the site frequently and it’s best if you make a post in the forums or message him directly. Remember to /report any bugs or problems or in-game needs you may have.

During my time away, I hope we see some growth! Please invite your friends to join you on SkyBlock, SkyGrid or Survival. If you have friends who are youtubers, invite them on as well. But please keep in mind: We don’t permit advertising on VoigtlandMC, and we’d ask you extend the same courtesy to any other server you visit. (In plain English, I’m asking that you do not advertise on other servers.) Our next additions will be a PvP server and Factions. These will take some time to complete and test before we move them to our new hosting. In the mean time, Thank you for playing on VoigltandMC and build on!

See you soon,
– Voigt

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