Welcome to Voigtland Minecraft Community Ultimate Survival

To get things started, there are a few things you should know. This server is a little different than most other Minecraft survival servers.
For our inexperienced guests, most of the gameplay is vanilla, meaning that of normal Minecraft, however there are some significant differences that will become apparent right away. For our more experienced players, there are some new features that are sure to captivate and challenge you. This is a server for all levels of experience.

Since VoigtlandMC is all about our community, it is highly recommended to play cooperatively on this server. By that we mean pooling together materials, supplies and skills to build some epic and unbelievable things, work together to pull off daring missions in the Nether and to defeat the Ender Dragon… More on this later. While we highly recommend cooperative play we totally understand if you choose to go it alone. But it should be said, in life the greatest challenges can only be won by coming together and overcoming them as a team. Sometimes, the greatest challenge can be coming together in the first place.

Ultimate Survival Gameplay


A witch keeping a watchful eye for players trying to steal her kitty... play.voigtlandmc.net
A witch keeping a watchful eye for players trying to steal her kitty… play.voigtlandmc.net
  1. Welcome! You have arrived at the server’s spawn point. Become familiar with this place because it is both the server shop and more importantly where our treasure chests are located.
  2. When you first arrive you will receive a kit which includes a golden shovel, a chest, a stick, some stale bread, cold soup, an old wooden sword and pickaxe, some lightly worn armor and some notes (this is your money). More on that shovel, stick and chest below.
  3. A moment later a menu appears on screen. This is our HELP menu. To access it use /help.


    • Top Row: Tutorials, Kits and PvP information
    • Second Row: Shows how to return to Spawn, how to go exploring in the wild, how to set your home and warp points and methods of communicating with other players.
    • Third Row: Includes menus for our complex systems including warp commands and regional protections, and also includes some fun links for our community members to enjoy.
    • Bottom Row: Provides you with a link to our rules and forums, and also gives information on seeking staff help within the game, and shows the server restart time (and current game time)*.
  4. Once you have become familiar with spawn it may be time to either join a cooperative build, if one will accept you, or to start exploring on your own. It is best to do this during the day as the monsters at night will kill you this early in the game. If you’re not sure of the time, there is a *Minecraft clock in the HELP menu. This is your only warning: we do not advise claiming any additional kits until you have protected an area and set a home to return to that area. Lost items will not be returned, but anything lost can always be earned back again just by playing. Everything is available at Spawn.
  5. When you find a place you’d like to call home, use the commands found in the HELP menu to set home. You can do this either before or after placing your chest, but make sure you do it. To protect your new home, place that chest you were given, this will automatically form a protective circle around it. This protected area can be expanded as you earn more protection blocks while you play. Build your home within this zone to ensure it is protected from other players and mobs. You can now safely store your tools and materials without any worry that someone will steal them from you. If at any time you wish to move your protection zone, you will find a tutorial and menu of commands under HELP to teach you how to do this. Be aware: breaking the chest you initially placed to create your protection area will not remove your protection area. Likewise, placing a new chest will not create another protection area – to do this, or to expand your current area, you will need to use the golden shovel. The stick you were given is a tool used to identify protected blocks nearby. See the tutorial video in our tutorial section of HELP for details on how to use these tools effectively. It may be of some interest to know, the golden shovel (aka Butter Shovel) is utterly useless for anything other than your protections.

DAY 2-∞

  1. Collect money by killing monsters to buy better tools, items and treasure from spawn.
  2. Set up your own shop – See the Shopkeepers tutorial under HELP.
  3. Invite friends and family to join you to build epic bases and farms together, to dominate the Nether and to defeat the demons that lurk in the shadows throughout the land.
  4. Together with your friends you will discover and learn how to overcome new challenges as they present themselves.

Ultimate Survival Details

Better Monster AI: Monsters adapt to the environment and become stronger. | New monsters command the skies and attack without notice. | Protect passive mobs from these mighty foes.
Monsters adapt to the environment and become stronger. | New monsters command the skies and attack without notice. | Protect passive mobs from these mighty foes.

This server has some special properties that sets it apart from normal Minecraft. While this is not a modded server, it does come close and we are keeping an open mind for the future. You can join using either the standard Minecraft Java Edition client, Forge or Optifine.

The following is by no means a full list of what you will discover within the game, but it does touch on some features that may be confusing for even the most experienced players at first.

  1. Gravity affects nearly everything, as it should.
  2. Pipes can be used to connect containers and move items.
    A tutorial is needed for this.
  3. This server experiences the effects of climate change.
    More information can be found in game.
  4. Do you live for the thrill of a Boss Battle? We have those… As you explore the wilds of Voigtland you will be thrilled to discover the rare opportunity to fight a regular mob with some very special powers. A invisible flying witch that throws bombs? Yeah, we have that… Additionally even the boss mobs (Withers and Ender Dragons) have a chance to spawn with their own special powers. If you already find them hard to beat on your own, these nightmares are now impossible. You will need to strategize with others to battle these unholy beasts.

Building The Voigtland Minecraft Community

We value and enjoy the community that has come together over the years to play Minecraft at VoigtlandMC. And we’re looking forward to expanding this community into a larger accepting group of friends and family. We welcome everyone and anyone to come play and to become a member of our community. As a member of Voigtland players receive additional in-game perks over our frequent guest visitors.** To learn more about becoming a member visit join.voigt.land.

**Information regarding membership perks will be added shortly.