These are the general rules and consequences for the VoigtlandMC Minecraft Community.

Please bear in mind, we do not offer ban buyouts. If you are banned, you are welcome to plead your case with a Ban Appeal via the forums. If you cause another player to break any of these rules, either by means of asking, daring, telling them to or tricking them, the resulting consequence will instead be issued upon you and may also be considered bullying.

  • Damaging or theft of another’s property (grief) should not be possible.
    Players are in full control of their protections. We ask everyone to please respect one another. Please check with others before building or deconstructing near another players build. Remember this is a community server not a single player game. The server is large enough for everyone to play on so please do not destroy just to destroy.
    Protection Tutorial
  • Most modified clients, hacked clients, bots and macros are blocked.
    Currently the only acceptable clients mods are Optifine and Forge.
  • Reporting hacked / modded clients, bullying, suspected alt accounts, chat complaints…:
    To make such reports please use Whenever possible please include screen captures and/or video evidence to help us make a more informed decision. Additionally please include the server time when it occurred so we may check our logs.
    Pro Tip: To make suggestions please use our forums!
  • Bullying and hate speech
    STAFF MUST BE NOTIFIED. Each situation is dealt with on a case-by-case basis.
    All chat, messages and signs are monitored and logged by the VMC Security System. If an offense occurred on a sign please note that in the report. Tell us about the sign and where you saw it. We can check our logs to see who made it and who broke it.

    1. Indefinite temp ban from the game, discord and forums
    2. Permanent Ban
  • Language must be inclusive and family-friendly.
    All chat and messages are monitored and logged by the VMC Security System. Chat and messages are generally filtered and may trigger one of the following automated responses.

    1. Filtered
    2. Warning
    3. Temp mute or Temp ban
  • Please be polite and respectful to other players and staff.
    Blatant disrespect will result in one of the following.

    1. Warning
    2. 1 day temp mute
    3. 2 day temp mute
    4. 4 day temp mute
    5. 1 week temp mute
    6. 2 week temp mute
    7. Indefinite temp mute
  • Inappropriate In-Game Names (IGN)
    All offending IGNs must be changed before player is allowed to return to the server.

    1. temp ban
    2. above + 10 day temp ban
  • Inappropriate Player Skins
    Offending players skins much be changed immediately. Failure to do so will result in one of the following responses.

    1. 1 day temp ban
    2. 3 day temp ban
    3. 1 week temp ban
    4. 1 month temp ban
  • Inappropriate Behavior, Builds
    Offensive behaviors and builds must be adjusted immediately. ailure to do so will result in one of the following responses.

    1. 1 day temp ban and offending builds will be destroyed.
    2. 3 day temp ban and offending builds will be destroyed.
    3. 1 week temp ban and offending builds will be destroyed.
    4. 30 day temp ban and offending builds will be destroyed.
  • Using player’s real name in public chat is not advisable.
    Some players are sensitive about using their real names being used in game. We feel If they had wanted to be called by their real name, they would have used it as their in-game name (IGN). Please only use a player’s IGN in public chat. Otherwise, Join our Discord and use our voice chatrooms!
  • Requesting to be staff
    We get it, you want to help out and you want to have a place within the community. Thank you for the love! We appreciate that because we have worked hard for several years to create this server for you to enjoy. What we need are plater who have taken the time to get to know the server really well so they can offer friendly advice to their friends and other new players who join the community.
    Players who ask to be Staff

    1. Warning
    2. 1 hr temp mute
    3. 4 hr temp mute
    4. 1 day temp mute
    5. 2 day temp mute
    6. 3 day temp mute
    7. 5 day temp mute
  • Asking to be OP:

    1. Filtered Chat These can be quite funny to watch…
  • Pretending to be staff:

    1. Varies depending on severity
  • Employing unauthorized exploits, bugs, glitches, or cheats
    Exploits and hacks are monitored by the VMC Security System and is fully automated.

    1. Warning with Kick
    2. Kick
    3. Temp ban
    4. Permanent ban
      • Some hacks and exploits result will result in an automatic permanent ban. This is your warning.