Notes are a unique item on VoigtlandMC. You may receive them by voting, in a kit, or obtain them by trading with other players or the shopkeepers at spawn. But what are they, exactly? They are a form of physical currency, like a Euro or Dollar Bill – each with it’s own value and worth and the term “Note” is derived from Bank Note.

What’s the difference between value and worth?
Simply put, the value of the notes are written right on them:

  • GreenNote: 1
  • BlueNote: 5
  • RedNote: 25
  • IronNote: 100
  • DiamondNote: 500

However, just like real life, their worth is subjective and relative to the environment they’re used in. In this sense Notes will enable more flexibility for the world you’re playing on. For example a stack of cobble on SkyBlock might be worth a couple of GreenNotes, but in survival, a single GreenNote may buy a few stacks of cobble because it’s so much easier to obtain that material.

Ok, Why use notes when there are other economy plugins for that?
As stated before, the Notes on VoigtlandMC are a form of currency. One thing all world economies have in common is that they have a form of physical currency that can be traded freely. It’s usually made of a material that has little or no building value. Currency is only a small part of any economy. The complexities of an economy are not an easy thing to understand, requiring one to go to a university, get a degree in economics and then work as an economist. However, it shouldn’t be difficult for the ordinary person to have a basic understanding of how to use currency.

When I started playing Minecraft on a server, I found that the two economies present did more harm than good to the game play. In the case of a barter style economy, players have to decide what the worths are for the materials being traded. For new players some materals are just not in abundance for them and thus hold a higher worth. Older players have had time to accumulate materials and they’ve set prices based on how easily they’re able to obtain them. This affects the global worth of materials greatly, making it harder for new players to obtain the materials they want or need through trade. In the case of a virtual economy, where you can sell items to signshops at a server shop, the prices are often dictated by the plugin used and it’s all too easy to obtain massive amounts of money – which results in a broken economy.

The Notes we’ve introduced are not a valuable building block and thus do not take away materials from the game. Unlike the virtual economy model, the worth of these notes is easier to understand. It will also make the trading experience more fair to all. To understand how much money you have, you just need to count up your Notes. On some servers, a banking system has been established where you can deposit your Notes so you don’t have to keep them on you or in a chest where they may become lost or stolen. To see your balance after you’ve deposited or withdrawn notes, simply type /balance or /bal in game.