Membership on VoigtlandMC is free to all.


We offer 3 ways to become a member:
  1. Join the Forums and make a post introducing yourself in the introductions section.
  2. Type /donate in game (or follow this link now). Select the Free Membership on the right, accept and redeem! Membership will then be automatic, but may take a few moments.
    We do not need your billing info as it is free.
  3. Respond to our Planet Minecraft forum post! We sometimes offer deals on that page, so keep an eye one it!

Please keep in mind, you must be a member to upgrade to a permanent rank, purchase a pet, warp or anything from the Buycraft shop.


Nearly all ranks also include some kind of pet.
Ranks also add various permissions for the worlds you’re in. (Such as doublejump /setwarp, /tpa, /enchant etc.)
To see what each rank gets, click on the donation link above. When choosing a rank, be sure you choose the correct server. Ranks do not transfer between servers.
Refunds cannot be made, please see the server rules under the About menu above before making a decision.

All donations are made directly to VoigtlandMC to maintain the servers. Any gifts, kits, or permissions granted in return are meant to enhance game play only. All items available through the web store are also obtainable in game. VoigtlandMC and its operators are in no way affiliated with the Official Minecraft game or Mojang.
Donations are not refundable or transferable. Charge backs will result in player being permanently banned from the entire network. By making a donation you agree you are of the appropriate age to do so dictated by your country’s laws.