VoigtlandMC Minecraft Community Membership

To become a member, you just need to be active within our community. That means you need to log in, play, join the forums to start and participate in discussions, introduce yourself, join our discord and actively promote the community. Once you’ve been working on your base for a while and you feel you’re ready – let us know by sending us a ticket in game and one of the staff will be in contact. Because we are a community, we want everyone who plays at VMC to feel like they’ve helped create the community they play with.

Membership vs Guest


  • 2 bonus Warp Credits *
  • 4 homes (3 named, 1 bed)
  • AFK Kick
  • Ammeter [Useful for complex redstoning]
  • /Back on death
  • /Compass [Give your your heading]
  • Elevator [Going up?]
  • /Hat
  • Heads [Creepy, but you can collect them]
  • /kit daily
  • Lightstone [Gives the current light level for a block]
  • /Mail [Sends someone a note]
  • /near [Who’s that over there?]
  • /Siege (wage war… if you like)
  • Shopkeeper types
    • Creeper
    • Parrot
    • Piglin
    • Sheep
    • Villager
    • Witch
  • /Recipe
  • Signs
    • Info [Helpful info with a tap]
    • Kit [Get your kit with just a tap]
    • Mail [Receive your mail with just a tap]
    • Colors, Magic, Formated txt [make your words look good]
  • /Msg and /Mail Color, txt Format
  • Sign Copier [Want to reprint that sign? Just copy it]
  • Sign Editor [No more breaking it to edit!]


  • 0 bonus Warp Credits*
  • 2 homes (1 named, 1 bed)
  • AFK Kick: 15 min
  • /kit daily
  • /Mail
  • /Siege (Cannot Siege or be sieged)
  • Shopkeeper types
    • Villager
  • Signs
    • Info
    • Mail
* Warp Credits can be obtained by anyone through the Treasure Chests at spawn.