The VoigtlandMC Minecraft Community is member built.

VoigtlandMC was started in early 2015. The decision to open this server came after a friend I met on another server asked if I’d make a nice survival world to play on. Not content with the basic “vanilla” game I set out to build a server that retained the feeling of discovery found in a normal survival world with the added benefit of teleports and player shops to enhance the game play. Over the years the Survival server took on many formats and was always at the heart of VMC.

Between 2017 and 2018 VMC became a large network hosting 10 different servers. Due to personal reasons and technical difficulties VMC shut down temporarily in October 2018. At that time our network hosted a Sky Block, Sky Grid, Sky Lands, Survival, Creative Plots, KitPVP, FlyWars, SkyWars, Lobby and Hub. We briefly hosted a parkour challenge, and began the process of creating a Factions and Lucky Block server.

In September 2019 a decision was made to reopen VMC as a Member Built Community. Work began immediately to create a single Survival server which would be both challenging to new and veteran players and would promote cooperative play. It’s easy to recognize all players who visit and/or become members at VMC are here because they love Minecraft. So rather than focusing on building a loyal fanbase dedicated to playing here at VMC I decided to instead focus on building a community of players who love Minecraft.

As a server owner who has poured countless days, months and years into building extraordinary experiences for the members of VMC, I have learned to appreciate the hard work and love other server owners and admins have poured into building their own servers. I want to share this appreciation with the community and ask the members of VMC to share with the community another server they love. By doing so we build a community of friends who love to play Minecraft together. In response I ask the community to team up to build something together on other servers and to be assured we will have our own server to come home to at VMC.

– Voigtman

p.s. All of our old servers have been archived and may come back on special occasions for our Members to play on.ヽ(ᵔᴥᵔ)ノ