Post Migration Fixes and Changlog

Hey Minecrafters! AluvianKnight here with a quick update on the server.  The last few days I have been trying to track down a few bugs that remained after the migration.  Voigtman and I met up today and finally resolved most known issues. Please let us know on the forums if you run into any bugs during your adventures on […]

Host transfer complete!

We are pleased to announce that we are now up and running again on our new host! Thank you for your patience during this time and we look forward to seeing you in game! With this upgrade, you will notice far less lag than we had been seeing. Wait, Why were things rough in the beginning? As with most beginnings, […]

Hosting Update

Hello Everyone, Things have been moving along with the transfer of the server to our new hosting. Over the past few days we’ve been preparing for the transfer, and tonight things moved along a little quicker than we expected. What does this mean? Well, It’s happening now! We will likely be down for several hours tonight while the move occurs. […]

Survival is here!

Hello everyone, We are pleased to announce that the Survival server is now open and active! Survival was the first server we ever made for VoigtlandMC, and it has taken until now to refine it to be ready for release. What began as a simple request for a nice and fun survival server turned into a mission to create the […]


Hey everyone! AuvianKnight here with a quick update. Hosting for VoigtlandMC is on the horizon! We have secured a service that will provide a much smoother game play experience and allow plenty of room for growth. Expect greater stability, less lag and more fun! With new hosting comes a small amount of downtime. We want everyone to enjoy playing on […]


Membership on VoigtlanMC is free to all. To obtain Member status, you must go to the the Donation page (here) or better, type /donate while in game and “buy” the Free Membership (shown to the right). It should take only a few moments for the request to take affect in game. Members get kits on some servers and permissions on others, however […]

VoigtlandMC is Open

CURRENT STATUS: ONLINE Hello Miners! The VoigtlandMC servers are currently running at PLAY.VOIGTLANDMC.NET Come join our community on SkyBlock, SkyGrid and Creative. We are just setting things up and are working tirelessly to add new games as well.  All current servers are griefless so long as you build in a protected region. For those new to minecraft servers, that basically means no one […]